We Made #New History – A Biennial #Jane’s Walk

We had a dozen persevering people join us today on a Dearborn Street Jane’s Walk … and  despite the dismal, wet November day, we all stayed to the end and had a great time! Rolf Achilles covered tremendous ground in Chicago’s architectural and artistic heritage,  describing the evolution of office building construction by William LeBaron Jenney, […]

Two Pieces of Jane’s Walk News!

A month ago, I announced that Jane’s Walk Chicago and Friends of Downtown would be offering a Dearborn Street Jane’s Walk as a Biennial program in November. Knowing that the optimum experience of such a Walk is based on having a more intimate group of participants, we “sold out” – or reached maximum capacity – […]

#Make New History: Join us on a Special Biennial Dearborn Street Walk

The act of looking to the past to inform the present has always been central to architecture. At a time when there is too much information and not enough attention, understanding the channels through which history moves and is shaped by architecture is more important than ever.  The relationship between art and architecture is a […]

#Charlottesville, Before and After

You can change the way a place looks, but you can’t change the history that made it that way. That’s a reality that the tragedy in Charlottesville, and the current uproar about Civil War monuments throughout the United States, can’t transform. Viscerally, I understand the confused, angry feelings of an African-American child staring up at […]

The continuous reinvention of Chicago’s Palace of the People (aka the Chicago Cultural Center)

I just came across this lovely article by Iker Gil in this week’s Archinect, and I thought it was so loaded with great Chicago details that I wanted to maximize the number of people who’d read it. It originally ran in the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial blog, and contains a wonderful history of the building and the […]

Belated Jane’s Walk update!

Better late than never, I’m delighted to report that the 5th edition of Jane’s Walk Chicago in May was a big success. Well over 400 people turned out for 27 walks. The photos included here show a few of them.       Do you have some photos of Jane’s Walks to send us? We’d […]

Can Artists Drive Growth? In Disadvantaged Neighborhoods? Sometimes

The Midwest Political Science Association held its annual conference in Chicago earlier this month. As he does each year, the University of Chicago Professor Terry Nichols Clark arranged for several of his students to make presentations on their research on the influence of the arts in urban neighborhoods. Four of his students have worked with […]