Walk the Walk with #FoD

Friends of Downtown has been a leading civic voice advocating, educating and celebrating downtown Chicago for almost 35 years.

We brought the concept of the global #Jane’s Walk to Chicago in 2013, and as Spring 2015 arrives, we are looking forward to better integrating Jane’s WalkCHICAGO into what we do. So it would be great if you would become a member of #FoD, and help us expand!

The central purpose of  Jane’s Walks is to teach people to do what Jane Jacobs did — look closely at what makes neighborhoods work, think about how sprawl could be halted by intensifying the activities in existing neighborhoods, and learn why old buildings are necessary for social and economic innovation.

We offered 10 Walks on the first weekend of May last year, as well as hosting monthly Brown Bag lectures on Chicago’s unique collection of bridges, the city’s great rail stations, and the question of whether planning for downtown Chicago has lost its way.

As May 2015 approaches, opens, we are looking forward to approximately 20 Walks on the first weekend of May and a range of memorable events, interesting speakers and opportunities to share our passion for the city.

We hope you’ll join us!  Watch our posts on http://janeswalk.org/ for a full schedule of events!


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